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Emergency Vehicle

We provide sales and installation of all types of equipment needed to make your emergency or construction vehicle as affective and productive as possible. We have provided some information below on some of our more popular products but please dont hesitate to call if there is something else that you are looking for. 

Ford Crown Victoria Car Laptop Holder
This Jotto Desk car laptop Holder is passenger friendly; leaving plenty of room for a person to sit in the front passenger seat with the laptop Holder installed.  When no laptop Holder is required, the Jotto Desk is easily removed, without tools, in seconds.


Gun Safes 

  • Massive 12 Gauge cold rolled plate steel, welded tab and notch seams.
  • Superior 3 point locking system resists prying.
  • Bank Vault style hinge latch pins.
  • Drill resistant locks.
  • Secures to factory console bolts.
  • Perfectly balanced spring assisted door.
  • Choose the Combo Lock or high security barrel key lock.



Code 3 RX 2700CC Light Bar
Comes in Police, Fire & EMS and Warning Colors


  • Advanced dual reflector LED technology provides a brighter signal for superior visibility and safety
  • Easy to operate central controller changes settings or flash patterns with a single touch
  • Aerodynamic design improves fuel efficiency
  • Full range of options allows you to customize the lightbar to meet your specific requirements

Design Features

  • One Touch Setting/Changing of Flash Patterns
  • Flasher/Steady Burn Feature for Takedown and Alley Lights
  • LED Dimming Feature
  • Corner Cruise Lights
  • Built-In ArrowStik® Function
  • 12 LED PriZm II Lightheads in each Corner Position
  • 12 LED, 8 LED or 3 LED Directional PriZm II Lightheads in Front and Rear Positions
  • LED or 55w Halogen Takedown Lights
  • LED or 35w MR-11 Alley Lights
  • Small Gauge Multi-conductor Cable Provides Easy Installation
  • Easy to Install LIT3 Mounting Platform
  • 5-year Warranty on the LED Modules and the Central Controller

Standard Options

  • Various Length
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