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Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?
I Do Thanks to Car Connect

What Makes Car Connection Possible ...?

A smart two-way communication interface is created when you plug Car Connection into your vehicle's OBDII port, which is located under the dash of all vehicles that were produced after 1996. Once you?ve plugged in Car Connection, and registered your vehicle online, it begins sharing vital information with you that immediately improves your safety and security and that of your loved ones each day
  • 1 You can ask for reports that score driver habits for aid in safety
           coaching, and conserving fuel.
  • 2 Track vehicle location on your laptop or tablet.
  • 3 Help authorities locate your car if it?s stolen.
  • 4 Have instant alerts sent to your smart phone when drivers exceed Safety Zone
           (geo-fence) boundaries that you pre-set.
  • 5 You can even request diagnostic reports on vehicle health and preventative
           maintenance ? for tires, brakes, shocks and more


New Location
In addition to our Baltimore location, B&B Customs will now be serving the Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Arnold, and Pasadena area out of our Severna Park Store located at

Earleigh Heights Plaza
160 Ritchie Highway
Severna Park, MD 21146

Mercedes Benz Remote Starters
Now Available at B&B Customs
at our Baltimore Location
and at our Severna Park Install Bay

Rear Seat Entertainment, With Your iPad
Audiovox brings you the ultimate multifunction accessory for your iPad 2 and new iPad devices, combining the best of protection and versatility in one intelligently designed system. The IPD2FM, Rear Seat Entertainment mount for iPad2 and new iPad features a built-in charging port which allows you to charge your iPad in the case and in the vehicle, a low-profile protective case made with steal headrest bracket, built-in dual channel IR headphone transmitter that is compatible with most IR headphones and a built-in FM transmitter so that audio can be wirelessly transmitted to the vehicle radio.

Only $149.99

  • Low profile protective case with steel headrest bracket

  • Steel structure for safe and secure mounting
  • Built-in charging port - charge iPad while in the case and in the vehicle
  • Built-in dual channel IR headphone transmitter that is compatible with most IR headphones
  • Built-in FM transmitter so that audio can be wirelessly transmitted to the vehicle radio

Start Your Car With
Your Smart Phone

CarLink™s Smartphone interface new GPS feature allows you to track a vehicle's location on a map with Pan, Zoom/Satellite and Street views. In addition to tracking, the system lets you set up to three Geo-Fence locations and a Security Fence feature. The CarLink module + app is easily downloadable on any iPhone, Android or Blackberry device and has virtually unlimited operating range. With the CarLink app, you can also add as many vehicles as you want to your account and easily navigate between each vehicle within the preference settings on your device.

  • Virtually unlimited operating range (in smartphone service areas)
  • GPS Vehicle Locate - Receive the vehicle's current location, speed and direction
  • GEO Fence with Security Fence - Receive notification if the vehicle has moved without your approval
  • Speed and Low Battery Alert - Receive notifications when the vehicle exceeds a specified speed setting or the battery drops below a specified voltage setting
  • Curfew Notification - Gives you the ability to schedule time frames for notification if the vehicle has moved
  • Car find feature (horn honk and/or flashing lights)
  • Two auxiliary outputs (i.e. control trunk release or sliding door open)
  • 1st year "unlimited use" included
  • Within the first year of service, you can upgrade to GPS from the included base service plan for $50.00.
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